Tervetuloa Rehulan Tilan kotisivuille!

Olemme maatilataustainen hevosalan yritys.
Meillä on täysihoitotalli, sekä kesäaikaan keinosiemennysasema.

Rehulan Tila sijaitsee Noormarkussa, Porissa. Olemme hyvien kulkuyhteyksien varrella, lähes valtateiden 2 ja 23 risteyksessä.

Pihapiirissämme on kaksi päärakennusta sekä kaksi tallirakennusta. Hevospaikkoja on 17. Tarhatiloja ja laidunta on pihapiirissä noin 7 hehtaaria. Käytössä on myös 650m harjoitusrata sekä valaistu ratsastuskenttä estekalustoineen.

Majoitamme myös hevosten omistajia vanhemmassa päärakennuksessamme. Joen rannasta löytyy tilasauna kylpytynnyreineen.


We have a ranch with horses. Our ranch is located in the Western part of Finland, near Pori. Matti is the fourth generation on this ranch, and it has been his family’s farm since 1916. Matti is married with Maria and we have four kids. Nowadays Matti is farming hay, oat and barley; there are about 80 hectares.

There are 17 horses living in our farm on winter time. Half of them are our own. The other half of the horses belong to the customers. We offer full board service for our customers’ horses. We take responsibility for the daily care, and their owners have fantastic surroundings for their activities.
Our horses are mostly Finnhorses. There are horses for racing, and also some young horses and mares for breeding. We also train customers’ young horses.

Our horses race on trotting, show jumping and cross country riding. We also participate in some exhibitions with them. Our horses even do some acting on small plays, and they are as supermodels in some photography projects.

Since 2007, on summertime,
from May until August, we have insemination stable.
There are around 7 stallions on duty, and about 30 to 40 mares visit us during one summer. We also send sperm by cargo inside Finland. All together there is around 70 to 80 mares in one summer.
Veterinarian makes the examinations with ultra, three times in a week. We collect the sperm also three times a week, and seed the mares, or sent the semen to some other breeding stables.